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In this new music model where there are literally thousands of songs released everyday, it's hard to find the music that will really appeal to you.  This new section of the site is to help you hear some music that you maybe have never heard before.  Keep checking back.  This section will be updated very frequently with songs that I'm listening to on my drive to work, or while I work.

John Legend - All of Me.

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If you're looking for that perfect wedding song, look no further.  This one is an instant wedding classic, and it's not because it is cheesy, it is just straight beautiful.  Anybody who is married or in love will be able to relate to this one.  John Legend.  The name says it all.

Naya Rivera feat. Big Sean - Sorry

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Fresh from Glee is Naya Rivera, aka "Santana Lopez" aka "Lima Heights Adjacent", with her new single "Sorry" about a badass homewrecker.  The single features her real life boyfriend Big Sean on the verse.  The combo is a fun end of summer banger.  Check it out below.

Janelle Monae- Dance Apocalyptic

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I love Janelle Monae.  If this single is any indication, this album is going to be huge.  She is probably one of the most creative singers out there right now.  If this track doesn't get you moving just a little bit, you need to check your speakers.

Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night

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The 20/20 Experience is a brilliant album.  Musically, it's clear that JT did take the time away to hone his talents vocally and creatively.  20 songs in 20 days, left fans with another album due out in the fall.  This is the first single from that album, and it clearly follows the tone of ultra funky, orchestral sounds.  He goes on tour with his first stop in Toronto.

Melanie Fiona - Cold Piece

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I've gotta say that I'm loving that real hip hop style beats are making their way back to the R&B world.  It really reminds me a lot of the 90s and early 2k music scene which was more oriented towards party jams in the mid tempo range.  This song is right in Melanie Fiona's angry comfort zone, but her fantasitic vocals carry through.  A great mixtape track right here.

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