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In this new music model where there are literally thousands of songs released everyday, it's hard to find the music that will really appeal to you.  This new section of the site is to help you hear some music that you maybe have never heard before.  Keep checking back.  This section will be updated very frequently with songs that I'm listening to on my drive to work, or while I work.

Mario feat. Nicki Minaj - Somebody Else

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I'm loving that R&B is moving back towards some beat oriented tunes, instead of the trap style, lower tempo tracks that are all over the scene right now.

Ciara - Body Party (Remix) (Feat. Future & B.o.B.)

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Here is a great new song from Ciara.  This remix is a great throwback to the 90s Ghostown DJs classic "My Boo".  Ciara definitely adds her own spin on the lyrics and the progression, but once that beat kicks in, it's obvious where her inspiration came from.  Since the booty era is long gone, I'm doubting this song will find a place in the clubs, but it's still a great single.

Bobby V - Back To Love

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Bobby V.  Mr Anonymous is back with a track that sounds like it was from D'Angelo's Voodoo album.  Can't wait to get this Peach Moon EP to see what Bobby V has been working on.  Hopfully it has more of this sound.


Estelle ft Common - Victorious

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Two of my favorite artists coming together on a very cool track with No ID on the production end.  Reminds me a little of the Drake - Find Your Love beat.

Bridget Kelly - Street Dreamin' ft. Kendrick Lamar

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This is the summer party song.  The vibe brings me back to the golden era of R&B/HipHop.  Funkmaster Flex is STILL bringing us fresh music.

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