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In this new music model where there are literally thousands of songs released everyday, it's hard to find the music that will really appeal to you.  This new section of the site is to help you hear some music that you maybe have never heard before.  Keep checking back.  This section will be updated very frequently with songs that I'm listening to on my drive to work, or while I work.

TGT - I Need

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Imagine if three best friends who happened to be great R&B singers got together to make a group and put out really good R&B music.  You'd have the new album from TGT - Three Kings.  It's a supergroup made up of Tank, Tyrese and Ginuwine.  They've been trying to get this album together for a long time, but record label contract constraints made it difficult; however, last year, they put together their first album.  It happens to be nominated for a Grammy, and really needs to be heard.  I Need is a great romantic single from this album.  This is another great late night fireplace track.  Make sure you check it out.

Sebastian Mikael - Last Night ft. Wale

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If you remember the Al B Sure track "Nite and Day", this song will sound familiar, but the vibe is totally fresh.  Sebastian Mikael has a great voice and style.  Wale kills it as usual, but the overall track is a great laid back feel.  Perfect r&b track to set that romantic evening mood.

Gyptian - One More Time ft. Melanie Fiona

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For some reason, reggae hits always take a long time to hit the mainstream on the mainland, but this one is going hit in a big way  This remix of Gypitan's 2012 hit just got released and Melanie Fiona is the perfect complement to Gyptian on the track.  Enjoy the smooth reggae vibe.  Toronto stand up.  Melanie Fiona kills it on this song that was already a huge tune for the re-release.

Busta Rhymes - Thank You ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

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If ever there was an immortal hip hop artist, it would have to be Busta Rhymes.  He has managed to continue to stay relevant heading into his 3rd decade as an artist.  Thank You is the third single to appear from the forth coming Extinction Level Event 2 album, and it doesn't disappoint.  The flow is incredible between Q-tip and Busta and just makes you wanna break out in a funky two step with the track on repeat.  With an incredible throwback beat that leaves you bouncing, this song is itching for a Native Tongues remix.  A boy can dream.

As stated, the single appears on Busta's upcoming album Extinction Level Event 2.  E.L.E was a seminal Busta Rhymes album with beats and flows that were unique and ground breaking, even by Busta's standards.  Based on the tracks that we're hearing so far, this album is going to appropriately deserving of the title's sequel.

There's only one artist that can drop a line like this with a straight face:

See how we push sometimes man forget cuff, beat him the head
Boop-be-de-de-boff, zippity-boof

Zippity Boof indeed.

TLC - Meant To Be

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